Dr. Pankaj Doshi

Head – Healthcare Services, Adani Group

Moving ahead with our vision...

The current Indian Healthcare landscape presents avenues for immense growth along with the challenges. “India has a ratio of 0.7 doctors and 1.5 nurses per 1,000 people compared to the WHO's ideal average of 2.5 doctors and 2.5 nurses per 1,000 people. India has only 1.3 hospital beds per 1,000 people, a number significantly lower than the guideline of 3.5 beds defined by World Health Organisation. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) pegs the estimated healthcare sector requirement at 3.5 million beds, 3 million doctors and 6 million nurses over a period of 20 years.

We, at Adani Healthcare Services, are committed towards creating skilled medical professionals and providing affordable quality clinical services to the common man. Notably, both our current established ventures, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences and Adani Hospitals Mundra, are located in Kutch district.

Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences' (GAIMS) is a unique Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between Adani Group and Govt. of Gujarat, under which a high-tech Medical College was established at Bhuj in 2009. Ever since the institution’s inception, our GAIMS team has been working diligently to churn out medical professionals and provide clinical services to the people of Kutch. We are currently focused on the makeover of the 750 bed multi-specialty GAIMS Teaching Hospital to make it a model District Hospital. I am happy to convey that the second MBBS batch of students has passed out of GAIMS campus.

Adani Hospitals Mundra (AHMPL) is a 100-bed secondary care Hospital catering to the healthcare needs of local population of Mundra and neighbouring areas. AHMPL was started in 2009, with Sterling Hospitals handling the operations & maintenance of the Hospital. Since April, 01, 2014, the Hospital has been brought entirely under the fold of Adani group. I am happy to convey that our dedicated team has completed the makeover of the Hospital.

Our Healthcare team at Ahmedabad is providing technical assistance to Adani Power for establishing a Nursing College and for the reconstruction of the district Hospital at Baran district, Rajasthan.

Our vision is clear: To establish centres of excellence in the fields of medical education, research and clinical services in the healthcare sector.